PROJECT: craft. The Big Night.

PROJECT: craft was held at Greenies, a sweet locally owned organics + bike shop. I really can't think of a better place. Beach cruisers with baskets were parked all around, TOMS were on display, the space itself was ample and the shop owners, Darin + Jen are about as nice as they come. Lindsay and I are so thankful they opened up their store to us + we look forward to teaming up with them again.

Handmade bunting + pretty yarn wrapped vases.

We had a vision of stacks of cookies for the treat table. The Breadman's Wife is the best cookie baker I know so of course we had to have her whip up her favorite recipes. We enjoyed chocolate chip, peanut butter + pumpkin cookies. You may even be able to find the recipes on her blog here.

These favor bags were filled with calling cards from our favorite etsy shops, discount cards, a sweet tiny print from Persimmon & Pink, a little print from Please Be Still + a Mix CD from the Passionista herself.

Of course there were Izzes.

And popcorn to snack on.

One of the best things about organizing this evening was the opportunity we had to work with the most amazing artists out there. We were lucky enough to have a giveaway item for every one of our attendees. (Which they thoroughly enjoyed + appreciated) Lindsay and I were so happy to share our favorite shops with them, but we also wanted to share them with you. Please take some time and explore these amazing artists!

Simply Basic Designs creates the sweetest little hand crocheted goodies you've ever seen.

Buttered Toast is chock full of darling little bow ties for your little man.

Charlie Lou Designs makes fun party packages. And her scrapbook overlays are really cute too!

Persimmon & Pink sells my favorite faith + inspiration based prints. The designs are clean + simple, and the messages are always uplifting.

Two Brunettes is a favorite letterpress printer + stationary goods maker.  Isn't this poster lovely?

Lyndsay Johnson Design has the cutest illustrations!  Don't you love that gnome?!

Olive Manna sells the prettiest packaging goodies.  You all know how much I love packaging!

Harley + Axle is a local artist with the coolest kids tees you've ever seen!

Not only does Kersey, the shop girl of Vintage Oddity, create lovely things, she also has a really awesome blog.  Be sure to check out both!

Harper Road creates some of the prettiest handmade bags I've seen.  I own one of these lovely bags and can vouch for the quality + attention to detail.

Polka Dot Perceptions (aka my dearest friend Kristin) created the prettiest tea towels you've ever seen. She doesn't have a shop, but you can glean from the creativity on her blog.

I've posted about Elisa Shere in the past and I have to say, her shop is still one of my all time favorites. I wear her jewelry all the time. Elisa is currently on maternity leave, but no worries.  I will let you know as soon as she's re-opened shop.

Susan of Freshly Picked is also a Tri-City native who (unfortunately for us!) now lives in Utah.  I will never grow tired of her fresh perspective + buttery moccasins.

Yellow Wallpaper creates the prettiest clutches out there. And her packaging's really sweet too.

The Wheatfield's brightly colored prints will add charm + happiness to any space.

Crystal B is not only the creator of some of my favorite jewelry pieces, but she's also a friend. Which makes sharing her shop all the more fun for me.

I'm so thankful to everyone who helped make PROJECT: craft go from day dreams to reality.  The friends with encouraging words, the husbands who supported(even if they thought we were a bit nuts), and of course our new friends who took a chance on me and Lovely Lindsay.  We had so much fun, we're already scheming to do it all again soon.  Won't you join us?


  1. The whole night sounds like it was fabulous! Though I'm not necessarily a crafty girl at heart, I can definitely appreciate the beauty in what you've done. And it makes me want to stretch myself and learn something new. So thank you and Lindsay for that!

    Thank you for the shout out! (the only problem is seeing all of the cookies so neatly stacked is making me hungry, and feeling the itch to bake. at 8:37 am)

    I can't wait to check out these links! Thanks for sharing.

  2. i would LOVE to join you next time. I'll start saving now to make the trip and hopefully it'll be a possibility!

  3. there are tiny little tears in my eyes. this night was magical, i'm sure. danyelle, your should partner with lindsay and start a party planning business. seriously.

  4. so happy.
    i miss project: craft.
    love, lindsay

  5. It looks like a great event. I'm sorry I couldn't attend. Maybe next time?

  6. all of the details are so pretty. thanks for sharing.

  7. If I still lived in the state, I'd SO be there!! Very inspiring & beautiful!!

  8. holy snap, i'm soooo not worthy of you two's inspired geniuses.....i completely missed out. ::pouting::

    alright, next time, it's on!

  9. Wow! What a special night you all had planned. I would have loved to have come to this. Everything is decorated just darling!

  10. This looks so sweet and amazing!! I wish I lived in your area, I would be at the next one in a heart beat! :)

  11. This is incredible! Wow. What a treat for all who attended. I just love the style and decor. It's all so perfect. <3 I feel inspired to host an event like this.

  12. can i come?! What a great set up! I love it.

  13. Beautiful and fun ladies!! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas with us. I'm planning my own 35th Birthday Crafty Brunch party (for myself!) next month with all of my best girl friends (and not kids!)
    Will be using a few of your great ideas (like painting inspirational words on the butcher paper!)

    Thanks so much!!
    pink and green mama

  14. Just found you through Whimsy Love. This looks so awesome! I would so love to attend!

  15. What a great night, wish I could of been there! What did everyone make?

  16. looks amazing! I love the yarn-wrapped vases.

  17. I just found your blog today via Chez Larsson, and while scrolling through, I recognized some Olive Manna products, which I just stumbled across on Etsy the other day. Even the blogosphere is a small world!


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