No Tricks Just Treats Download.

Two posts in one day is a little bit unheard of around these parts, huh? After I finished packaging up treats for the children's teachers I got to thinking about you dears. I have been very fortunate this week. Receiving the most kind emails and comments you can imagine. So, I decided to say thank you with a little download.

I apologize it's so late and I realize many of you have already given out your treats. But, just in case you're a procrastinator like me I wanted to offer up these little tags. They're very simple, but more often than not, simple is better.

Maybe you can bake up the cookies from this mornings post, put them in a mason jar, find some fabric and yarn from your stash, print off some tags + deliver a little love to someone who has made you as happy as you all have made me.

Download the tags HERE.

Happy Halloween Weekend!


  1. thank you, thank you, thank you.
    This is perfect.
    Just tonight my husband and I were planning my kids very last minute halloween get together and we realised we had no party favours. So now we are going to steal(if that is ok) your cookie idea and package up some cookies for the kids to take home.
    I will have to do a different cookie as canned pumpkin is rare as hens teeth here.

  2. So cute and so simple. Just my style. (well i don't always do cute well, but i've got simple down pat!)

  3. I spent a good 2 hours last night going through all of you posts from times past (still in 2008, I believe). What fun ideas you have! You have inspired me to get crafting and make some of my boys' Christmas presents this year... both my 2 year old and will be 1 month old will be getting a hobby horse this year! My family is going to enjoy the pumpkin cookies tomorrow at our Halloween get-together. Thanks for all the great ideas and for taking your time to share them with all of us- especially the uninspired (me).


  4. I have been blog stalking you for quite a while and love everything you post. These tags are adorable - How did you get the scalloped edge on the tag?

  5. Hello Tiffany,

    I used a paper punch to get the scalloped edge. :)

  6. I have also been blog stalking you and love these tags and your other design pieces.

    What printer do you use for these projects?

  7. Thank you so much for the pdf tag! I'm making jars of Scare Crow Crunch ( for Halloween and was wondering what kind of tag I should use. Thanks again! :)

  8. These are so cute, we featured them today on

  9. I love this, but I can't open the printable??
    Can you repost this?
    Thank you!


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