Good Design With Kids in Mind.

The lovely Kirsten from 6th Street Design School is hosting a great series on her blog titled "Good Design With Kids in Mind." The series is all about getting answers to age old questions like, "What are the best fabrics and finishes to use with kids?" and "Is there a way to have kids and nice things coexist in your home?" I was honored when Kirsten contacted me asking if I would be on her panel of experts. I've been enjoying the posts all week.

Especially since purchasing the new sofa I've been dreaming of since we moved into the cozy brick house three years ago. I've waited a long time + I've been a bit of a Nazi, protecting it like a mama bear from snotty noses and grimy fingers. The advice from Kirsten's panel has reminded me to relax and I feel humbled to be included in such a lovely group.

You can keep up with the series by following 6th Street Design School here.


  1. I like your new couch. Where did you get it at?

  2. That picture is beautiful. The whole flow of your house is just so peaceful. I can't wait to see it in person!!!

  3. I am in love with your couch! Someday I hope to replace my IKEA Karlanda sofa with one just like yours! :)

  4. That is EXACTLY like the couch we had when we lived in Seattle in the early 60's. I am telling you EXACTLY! Color, buttons, legs, style. LOVE IT. Can I come and take a nap on it and feel like I am six again?

  5. We purchased the couch from Macy's. It's called "Corona."

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