Feeling Grateful.

Tonight on our way to our dear friends house for the annual pumpkin carving FHE activity we ran into some pretty awesome looking clouds. We pulled over, I snapped a few pictures, then we continued on our way. This simple experience left me feeling grateful for a few things.

Thing 1. Grateful for a husband who pulls over so I can take pictures of scary looking clouds.

Thing 2. Grateful for the beauty all around. For changing seasons and seeing His hand everywhere.

Thing 3. Grateful for children who make everything more fun. Even silly holidays like Halloween.

And finally, I was feeling grateful for friends. And traditions. And the knowledge that simple evenings like this will be remembered for years to come.


  1. What a lovely post! Gratitude is often underrated, I think. Thanks for sharing the awesome pics! :) ~Becky

  2. Autumn clouds make the best postcards, I think. And pumpkin carving will make some of the memories!!

    I admire you and your blog very much.

    Love, Bree

  3. what a lovely evening and a great tradition! you're so right. it is these little things that they'll remember forever.

  4. that picture is absolutely amazing - your word for the year has definitely come to fruition!

    i'm so glad ryan pulled over so that you would be inspired to write this post.

  5. What a gorgeous photo!!

    I love Abby's sweet grin. Makes getting all slimy totally worth it.

  6. beautifully stated!

  7. Yeah,those clouds were something last night. Ominous, but beautiful

  8. I love your posts. they make my days happy.


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