This very moment...

Oliver is dressed up in Owen's old Yoda costume and I'm sure I haven't seen anything cuter.

We're listening to this song.  A lot.  I think my children love it more than I do.  Maybe.

I'm planning a sweet baby shower for a most dear friend.

The cozy brick house is clean.  Now, if I could just keep it that way.

I've been a really good girl lately.  Watching my sweets + practicing pilates.  Friends, I've shed five pounds!  Five more to go and I'm back to my pre-baby weight.  Like, five babies ago pre-baby weight.  Hip! Hip!

I'm searching for some great fall boots.  Do you have some favorites I need to know about?

Did you remember today is September 1st?

I've been happy all day.  It must be because my bones are telling me fall is just around the corner.

Oh, and because Oliver already has his Halloween costume picked out.


  1. That is the cutest picture ever. Seriously.

    Hooray for feeling good and looking even better!

    Let me know if you find some boots...I'm in dire need.

  2. Your simple posts make my day! Thank you for that ...

    Happy September!

  3. Oh, you inspire me! I loved your profile on too.

  4. Oh you're right, it is september! That must be why I'm in such a good mood too! Summer is great, but Fall is the best!
    BTW, your little boy is A-dorable!

  5. Very cute baby. COngratulations to you on your pre-baby weight.

  6. oh what a sweet little face....he made me smile!

  7. +He looks so cute, & those big beautiful eyes are front & center.
    +Hip Hip HOORAY for your 5 pounds! And, so little left! (pilates is my favorite...keep it up!)
    +Happy Happy September to you friend! I'm so happy as well's those yummy cooler mornings & promises of driving through the mountains in the beautiful colors.

    p.s. someday i will be able to leave you a 1 word comment. please don't hold your breath though!

  8. oh man he's cute. so very cute.
    hoooorah for eating well and pilates! and for five pounds! do you just do pilates at your house? i love that stuff but haven't found a good set of videos yet. if you have, please disclose.

  9. that song was great. Brightened up my morning no end. Btw my little boy has enjoyed reading your sons book blog. He is also an avid reader and I am persuading him to leave a comment. He is constructing a list of recommendations for him too:)

  10. what a happy post + happy day.
    fall sounds so dreamy right now - stripey socks, simple sweaters, cozy colors.
    pre-pre baby weight? you are my hero.
    love, lindsay

  11. Such a cute picture! Jake had this same costume, and I loved it so much, I wonder if Eva would mind being Yoda next year... No? Oh, alright ;)

    Hooray for you for losing 5 pounds! You always look fantastic, but I'm so happy you're feeling it too!

    I got a great pair of black riding boots and a pair of brown slouchy boots both from Target. (although the brown pair, i had to order. they only have grey at our stores. although...the grey is super cute! )

    Bring it on, Fall!

  12. Seriously, your kids could be models. He is just adorable. I'm sure if I saw him at my door on Halloween, he'd get all my candy.

    Way to go on the 5 pounds!!! Agh. The weight thing is a huge thorn in my side. My kids are teens and I never got back to my pre-baby weight. Keep up the good work!

  13. Fall is the best. And so is that song.

  14. Oh my gosh. Where can I get me one of those little Yoda's? Or can I just borrow yours? Seriously, cutesy thing ever. Congrats on your five pounds! You are inspiration to us all!

  15. SO SO CUTE!!! Look at that little face!!! I'll be thinking about costumes all day! ;-)

  16. Two pair of cool boots:


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