Young Bibliomaniac.

This boy.
Amazes me.
Delights me.
Teaches me.
 And he loves books more than anyone else I know.  
He reads and reads and reads.  
And he wants to share what he's read with you. 
Or your son.
Or your daughter.


Book reviews for kids, by a kid.

Check him out, will you?
(and maybe leave him a nice comment?)
(he's only ten and he's already obsessed with comments.)


  1. I am curious to see what else he reads and reviews. I am a fan of children and young adult literature. I took two courses in college, and I love to see what's being read by young people. :)
    My 6 year old is showing signs of becoming an avid reader. I'll keep his positive reviews in mind, so I can present them to her when she's ready for them!

  2. i already see signs of my two oldest growing up to be voracious readers, just like your oldest. his blog is giving me some wonderful ideas for our library list! you should definitely be proud.

  3. What is he interested in? Any book recommendations for 7 yr old girls?
    That's a great habit. It is happening in my house too!!!e

  4. Oh my gosh, you must be so proud!

  5. It's wonderful to encourage a bibliophile. I hope he always has a hunger and thirst for the printed word.

  6. He did a great job! Hannah is checking it out as we speak.

  7. okay this is perfect! i have a nine year old boy that LOVES to read and is always looking for the next best thing. i cant keep up with him. i showed him the blog and told him to check it when he needs a suggestion!

  8. Awesome! I'll have to have my 10 year old son check it out!

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  10. I love it! Lots of great ideas for Spence. Great job Easton!


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