Savoring Summer.

Hello, hello!  

Dearies, I've missed you.  We've been soaking up summer around here as of late and to be honest, I just haven't been feeling much like blogging.  There have been concerts and otter pops.  Days by the pool and days spent at home.  I've been cleaning + organizing (weird for the summer, right?), running + lounging.  It's been lovely.  

This past week we spent a few days in Idaho screaming at the tops of our lungs riding roller coasters and playing in the prettiest lake I've ever seen.  The children were so happy, we're already regretting not staying longer.  There were cousins involved.  Need I say more?

I think this may be my favorite picture from our adventure.  We had been coaxing Owen to jump in the lake for a solid 5 minutes.  Uncle Bill was waiting with open arms, (can I just publicly say how much we LOVE Uncle Bill?  He's the best and my children ADORE him) Ryan was promising chocolate milkshakes and The Wimpy Kid movie, Abby and I were chanting "O-wen, O-wen" and Easton looks like he's about to snap.  It was awesome.  And yes...he did eventually take the plunge.

Now that we're home I want to savor these last few weeks of summer.  I want to enjoy every moment but am mighty worried I'll get caught up in the planning + preparing for the coming school year and let these precious days slip by.  Are you worried too?  Well if you are, I've compiled a list of things that may help you.

The very kind Heather from Simply Feather asked if I would share with her readers how I plan to enjoy the last days of summer.  You can read my post here.  Be sure you enter the giveaway for some treats from my shop too.  And if you're looking for more inspiration, Heather's line up from the week was fantastic.

So. Friends. What are your plans for the remaining days of summer?  I'd love to hear.


  1. I LOVE the picture of Owen getting ready to jump. So stinking cute!!

    Plans for the rest of the summer?

    First and foremost, get rid of this ridiculous summer cold that has made the rounds through my house.

    And then celebrate the fact that August is here. August means birthdays in my house!

  2. okay, so if i could spell where you were i would just say...omg! you're in cdl! how beautiful it is up there. so i've heard. i still haven't gotten up there. someday, but for now, the lower portion of the state is for me!
    fun, fun pictures!

  3. you have such a beautiful family!

  4. so happy to 'meet' you via simply feather. i love your ideas about otter pops and concerts and enjoying the simple life with family. am excited to browse your blog. xo.

  5. I LOVe Oliver's belly!!!! and hair! I can't wait until all my kids are your kid's ages and then we can go and do fun things like that! I guess we would also need to live by a clean lake too! :)

  6. What a beautiful place and beautiful pictures!

  7. There's nothing better than family time at the lake. It's my favorite. Looks like you had lots of fun. Way to go Owen!

  8. so sweet...great pics...your kids are so cute!

    just passing by your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other. =)


  9. Hip Hip Hooray for Owen!! What an amazing accomplishment! Beautiful lake, beautiful family pictures, & completely awesome sunglasses on you!

  10. We had SUCH a blast!! Our best memory this summer! Thank you so much for doing this with us (or should I say letting us do it with you)! This post gave me warm fuzzes.


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