Puppet Theater Tutorial.

This past Christmas my in-laws gave Abby an awesome puppet theater from Restoration Hardware.  It was actually more like a puppet theater kit with cute hand puppets, a stage, and storage box.  Unfortunately, the stage wasn't very functional for younger children (it is made of cardboard and can be tippy).

Making a simple puppet theater has been on my to-do list all summer.  This week my children have been extra cranky.  The fighting has increased ten fold and I've been searching for things to keep them happy and busy.  After hearing "there's nothing to do" for the hundredth time this afternoon I decided it was time to pull out the sewing machine and whip up this simple project.


accent fabric
sewing machine
iron/ironing board
fabric scissors
tension rod

I didn't have a pattern to use (this was a fly by the seat of your pants kind of project) and I used fabric scraps I had in my stash.  You may remember the striped jersey from this craft.  I even had a tension rod lying around. (lucky me!)

I wanted the theater to work on any doorway in my home.  These measurements fit our widest doorway so I'm sure they will work for you too.

I used a zig-zag stitch.

The striped fabric was used as an accent around the curtain opening.  This is a really great tutorial for making ruffles.  Once your ruffles are made, just pin and stitch to your curtain.

I like how the curtain is so low to the ground.  I wanted Audrey to be as comfortable using it as the big kids.  

I'm happy to report the children were on their bellies taking turns playing puppet master for the rest of the afternoon.

Although, not everyone understood that the curtain's purpose was to hide them from their audience.


  1. That last picture is just way too cute. She was having fun.

  2. super cute! we bought our puppets from Restoration Hardware too- almost 6 years ago now. we love them. i made a somewhat similar doorway puppet theater for my kids last christmas and i think it might be one of my all time favorite projects. i love to see the kids using their imaginations and having fun. (they're actually playing with it right now! :) )

  3. terrific idea! We've got a birthday around here on Monday, and I was racking my brain trying to think of one more gift...this I can do in time!

    Thank you!

    (and I too love that last photo...adorable!)

  4. Such a cute idea! And I love little Audrey peeking through ;)

    I adore your shirt!

  5. isn't making ruffles FUN!? this is such a great idear. thank you for sharing. :)

  6. So dang cute. I want to be a cool mom like you.

  7. you are absolutely brilliant! thanks for the ruffle tutorial...i might just need to make a few ruffles!

    p.s. that last picture is absolutely priceless! yay for a break in fighting!

  8. what a great idea...keep those little hands & minds busy busy busy!

  9. I made this for my friend's daughter as a last minute birthday gift for her 3rd birthday. It stitched up super quick and I am sure that she will love it. Did my ruffle a bit different and I made a sign for it as well. Thanks again!!


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