First Day 2010.

You'd never guess it by this photo, but these three were giddy with excitement this morning.  They were cheerful, kind to one another, helpful. . .now if I could only figure out how to make every morning as pleasant.

Three things I always want to remember about the First Day 2010:

1.  The second Easton jumped in the van he declared "Mrs. Kuffel is flippin' AWESOME! She treats us like adults and let us make all the rules!"

2.  Abigail found a note I had written in her lunch bag but told me she was too embarrassed to read the joke I included to any of her friends.

3.  While I was walking Owen into his classroom to drop off his backpack before school started he said "I don't know why, but I can't keep my eyes from watering."  I'd like to think he was having the same emotions I was experiencing, but it was probably just the air conditioning getting to him.


  1. They all look so cute. (I love Abby's sweet shirt)

    So glad they all had a first day. That darn air conditioning, it was getting to me too...

  2. You have some stylin' kids, Danyelle!

    This post makes me a little tear-filled, too. My little guy starts preschool soon. I love your mother heart.

  3. I love that Easton is holding his book in this picture, with his finger holding his spot. A perfect representation of his love for reading.

  4. Such a cute first day of school picture! They are a darling bunch! Has life slowed down a little with a few in school? Hey, will you email me? I have some questions about "project craft"

  5. You truly have some of the most beautiful kids I've ever seen! Love all their crisp outfits too and love Abby's shoes!

  6. What beautiful kids! Hooray it is back to school time :)

  7. Your kids are absolutely beautiful, you are blessed :-)


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