Simple Cross Stitch.

I'm becoming a little obsessed with basic crafting techniques + cross stitch might just be number one on my list.  There is something very charming about it.  

Day two of Craft Camp the girls all learned how to follow a simple cross stitch pattern, thread a needle + tie a french knot.  Skills they will hopefully be able to use many times in the future.  To make a simple monogrammed cross stitch you'll need:

- 4" hoop
- embroidery floss
- needle
- cross stitch fabric
- pattern (here is the one we used)

When the girls finished with their initial, I trimmed the excess fabric from the hoop (leaving about a 1/2"). I then hot glued the remaining fabric to the back inside of the hoop.  The girls then used colored pencils to color the unfinished wood of the hoop.  You could paint or stain the hoop if that was your preference (although that should be done before you begin stitching.)


  1. I'm thinking you need to do a craft camp for big girls. Ya know for big girls like me ;)

  2. my nine-year old and i have been working on a few simple cross stitch kits lately. i was thinking of getting the black canvas and designing our own. think i might, thanks for the nudge!

  3. How sweet! The last day of my craft camp, we hand stitched lavender sachets. I spent two hours re-threading needles! How did you get those girls to keep the floss on the needles???

  4. cute cute cuteness! we like to dabble in embroidery over here. my 8 year old and i. it's fun when she draws a picture, then we embroider the image together.

  5. i agree, how about a craft camp for big girls. i'd totally make an excuse to visit washington!

  6. That top image is so beautiful. I bet your girl just loved it!

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