Clothespin Doll Tutorial.

These sweet dolls were made on day one of Craft Camp.  The girls all seemed to love them and I have to admit, I had a lot of fun creating the demos.  Aren't they darling?  To make some of your own you'll need to gather a few supplies.


-Craft paint. You'll need a few different colors.  White, a flesh color, a hair color, an eye color, and any accessory colors you may want to use.
-Paint brushes.
-5" fabric circle cut with pinking shears.
-Glue gun.
-Flesh colored pipe cleaner.
-Clear sealer.  I used a gloss finish.
-Wooden clothespin.
-Clothespin doll stand.
-Wooden clothespin doll head.

I found the wooden clothespins, doll stands + doll heads at Michael's Crafts.  

Once your doll is assembled, you can start dressing her.

Slip dress over dolls head, pipe cleaner arms through arm holes, and tie your ribbon around dolls waist. If you would like the dress neckline to be smaller, you can wait to glue your dolls head on until you put the dress in place.

Abigail, Audrey and I have had a lot of fun the past week with these dolls.  They are easy to play with because they have so much personality.  And if I'm being 100% honest here, I have a couple of boys requesting "guy dolls".  That sounds like a fun challenge, doesn't it?!

Happy doll making, friends.


  1. I have a tiny secret that might make you think less of me. Dolls freak me out. However, these are so perfect in their little dresses, I really am wishing I had some little girls to make them for. As for the guy dolls that your boys want? I am all ears if your crafty heart ever decides to make some. And, if not...I'm already thinking burlap pants with suspenders.

    I love the way you help get my brain churning!

  2. these are adorable. thank you for sharing the tutorial.

  3. Looks like Eliza and I are going to have to make a trip to Michael's! I am excited to see what you did for your craft camp!!

  4. Oh my goodness, those are adorable!! I know 10 little girls that would love making these at our family reunion in a couple of weeks!!

  5. those are just darling! great idea! i love ur little demos too! and your photography is amazing, btw!

  6. These are so sweet. I will be making this with my daycare! Thank you for the directions, one question though for the uncrafty cousin in-law... what size wooden balls are those that fit on the clothespin so perfectly?

  7. So sweet! I can see these being quite addictive.

  8. I love these they look so fun! Your right they do each have a lot of personality, the one with the dark hair looks like you in your profile pic hehe! was that intended? Alex x

  9. these are gorgeous! i just discovered your blog and am loving it. i can't wait to try some of your ideas. always excited to see a fellow washingtonian on the blogosphere