This very moment...

I'm really missing Ryan.  He's been gone at a Boy Scout Encampment since Monday + we're all counting down the minutes until he's home.  The evenings in the cozy brick house have been very lonely.  Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Craft Camp is coming together nicely.  I have a happy group of girls lined up and I'm looking forward to sharing what we create with all of you.  We start on Monday!

Speaking of creating, my friend Karen has just re-opened her etsy shop and stocked it full of the cutest name banners you ever did see.  I wish I would have been on the ball and ordered a "craft camp" banner.  If you're interested in getting your hands on one, know this: Karen is a gem of a person.  She will create the prettiest banner for you and package it up sweetly.  Trust me.  I speak from experience.

I've started potty training Audrey.  Don't ask me why exactly I'm sharing this information with all of you, I just felt like you should know.

I cried my eyes out tonight watching Toy Story 3.  Weird?  Maybe.  Maybe it was the tone of the movie.  Growing up, moving on.  I feel like my children are growing up so quickly.  We've watched the previous Toy Story movies their entire lives.  The end of an era, perhaps?  Or maybe it's the fact that my husband has been gone all week and I've been potty training Audrey.  Either way, I'm rewarding myself with 30 Rock re-runs thanks to Instant Netflix and a GIANT bowl of Tillamook Udderly Chocolate.  

Happy Weekend!


  1. It's like we were having the same week! Jared was gone for Encampment and I cried my eyes out on Toy Story 3 too.

  2. I NEED to potty train Michael. I can't even imagine how I'm going to doing that, but it has to be done.

    You and Natasha roughing it at home with 5 kids. Now that's a feat.

  3. You poor thing. It is so hard letting go sometimes. I have heard that toy story was sad. Life will get better when your little guy returns. Have a good week-end.

  4. Love this picture of beautiful you, and sweet Oliver!

    I've been dying to take my kids to see Toy Story 3, but I've been holding back because I know I'll cry too! I love these movies!!

    Really, Tillamook ice cream can make anything better...can't it?

    Happy day for you, Ryan will be home today!!

  5. Im laughing and laughing! Your so funny! Scott only went up for a night, I was shocked! Of course he is going to camp with the new troop, and the high adventure, and girls camp has him coming up for a couple days. Now that two of my boys go with Scott, its a very differnt feeling, more worry than miss! :) You look so good!

  6. You are not alone about Toy Story 3! We went and saw it last Monday night, and my husband and I both teared up. And my parents and sisters did too when they saw it!

    I just finished doing a craft camp last week! I had 12 girls; it was hectic and crazy, but so much fun! They went a little cuckoo with the hot glue guns, but all's well that ends well!

  7. Nothing like 30 Rock to cure the blues. Hope the potty training is going well. I keep putting it off.

  8. Oh man, ever since winco came to town we've been addicted to Tillamook icecream! Udderly chocolate is our favorite. Good luck with the potty training! In my opinion it's one of the worst parts of parenting. I hope she gets it quickly!

  9. What a lovely blog you have! I found you through Simply Feather. Just wanted to stop and say I love your photography. And I too got all teary-eyed through Toy Story 3. It was intense! :)


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