Summer Harvest.

Early morning blueberry picking.

15 pounds worth!

Do you want some local organic blueberries too?  I know you do.

The Passionista's husband is a true blue organic blueberry farmer + they've got the best blueberries in town!

1052 Lake Road Burbank, WA

U-Pick $3 per pound
They pick $4 per pound
Happy summer memories? Priceless.

Driving directions here.


  1. I need to get over there. Lott's blueberries truly are THE best!

  2. Oh, I really need to get over there. I love blueberries and the Lott's blueberries are so big and delicious! Fun, fun memories for your kids.

  3. Thanks for the free advertising :)

  4. I just canned loads of blueberry syrup. It is heavenly!!! Blueberry picking is fun huh. I have to say, when I first looked at this picture I thought -- MAN they have a HUGE garden!!!! Ha ha.

  5. i would love to pick blueberries! what fun! in the summers, we pick huckleberries in the mountains and it is such a tradition.

    i'm linking to your blog today, because i'm loving it so!


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