A Shop Update + A Giveaway.

The shop has been updated with a few little treats + will be getting new pretty things added all week.  Brooches in lots more colors, a few more paper items, and some new card designs are in the works.  Would you like to win a $30 Dandee Shop credit?  If so, head over to The Blog Guidebook.  There you will find an interview from me and My Favorite Things conspirator Molly, along with the giveaway.

In other news, today is the last day of school for the children. Hip, hip!  We'll be spending the afternoon by Grandma's pool enjoying the "hooray it's summer, finally" weather.


  1. Love the new stuff Danyelle! Very fun and very anthro.

  2. Your model is so pretty! Inside and out :)

  3. lovely things and lovely photography. i made hundreds of feet of garland like that for my sis-in-law's wedding (she begged), and then she didn't use it. sigh.

  4. just now ending school? this will be the third week of summer here! enjoy it, i love the "school's out" feeling ...

  5. lol. daisy's school ended friday. am. so. glad.
    we should definitely count our blessings though. happened upon the touchet school district site earlier today and their kids' last day is the 17th!!! oy vey is right. =)
    have fun at the pool.
    cute new items. totally dug the interview. nicely done.
    definitely entered the giveaway. i love your talent. totally fresh. you, simply, are amazing.
    enjoy summer!

  6. Love it! (and I am loving Brook as your model!)

  7. Hi Superchick!
    New to you and THRILLED!!! I'm loving your blog! Every post has me wanting more! I've been thinking about doing a blog feature and you've convinced me to start YOU! The post will be up by the end of today! =)


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