Father's Day 2010.

I did my best to snag a picture of Ryan with all of the children on Sunday, but I was pretty unsuccessful.  No one was interested in taking pictures.  The boys changed out of their church clothes in record time, Audrey was picking flowers, Abby couldn't think (or talk) about anything other than going to Grandma's house, and Oliver.  He wanted to eat.  

Regardless of how that all went down, we feel incredibly blessed to have this man in our lives.  There are not words to describe what he means to us, especially me.

And don't you just love his new pink tie?

Me too.


  1. I love how whenever I run into Ryan, which is quite frequently by the way, he always has a few kids with him and he seems to be so happy doing whatever he is doing. Dads like that are the best!

  2. Ryan is a great guy. I always love that no matter where I run into him (unfortunately, it's usually at wal*mart ;) he always has a smile on his face, and several times has asked me if I need help with anything since I've had Jake and the baby with me. He is so friendly and kind. Always!

    This is a great picture, and yes I love the tie!

  3. I love how Ryan is even more beautiful on the inside. He honestly and truly is one of the greatest men I know. You are a very blessed woman.

  4. What a sweet post! That tie is so stylish!

    Your blog is wonderful, I can't wait to keep reading!

  5. What a handsome husband you have. Is that weird for me to say? He is a great guy as well. Not many men can pull off a pink tie.

  6. I'm digging the pink tie. Moreover, I dig a man who can rock the pink. My hubby's like that too and I adore that about him. :)


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