This very moment...

It's raining.  

Abigail stayed home from school with a fever.  

Pollyanna is on in the background.  

I've just started working on the dress I promised Audrey Mae weeks ago.  
(my first sewn clothing item EVER!) Any tips?

There are all sorts of pretty things brewing in my brain for a shop update.

I'm feeling content. And happy.


  1. I was thinking about (and missing) your "this very moment" posts just this morning.

    Did you love the downpour as much as I did?!

  2. So long since you've done one of these! My tip for sewing an item of clothing - always love what you're sewing & who you're sewing it for. don't let it become a chore or feel that it's an obligation. sewing can become a part of your heart if you don't let yourself burn out. I'm so excited for Audrey...& your heart!

  3. what a great little pattern! sad that miss daisy to much too big for such a fun summer dress. =(
    other than that, i haven't watched pollyanna in a very long time. well i haven't watched much of ANYTHING in a very long time. perhaps i need to dig all our DVDs out of whichever box they're hiding in so atleast i've got some great noise in the background! =) have a great rest of your day, filled with more magical moments.

    i kid you not, your word verification is: "seworg"

  4. Oh I love Pollyanna! Good luck on the dress, I am sure it will be adorable on Miss Audrey!

  5. Danyelle, that dress is darling! I absolutely love it. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  6. that's one thing I always notice about you guys, you always seem to be living "content and happy", I want to learn that better.

  7. Pollyanna was always the movie I watched when I stayed home from school sick! That and The Sound of Music. I hope your sweet daughter is feeling better. :)


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