Girls Weekend.

The Setting: A tiny scandinavian town set in the mountains of the Northwest.
The Characters: Just the three girls of the family.  Me, my mom + my sister.
The Plot:  Girls weekend. Good food.  Lots of Laughs. Celebrating Moms 50-something birthday.
The Highlight: Laughing over and over about Mom calling our GPS a "depth finder". (she's gone fishing with daddy one too many times)

My mother isn't the most tech savvy lady in the world.  Sister + I had to explain facebook, twitter + blogs multiple times.  And although she's probably only looked at this blog once or twice, I'd still like to wish her the happiest of birthdays.  Love you, Mom.

p.s.  still loving my shake it photo app.


  1. Love that you went to Leavenworth! Such a beautiful place.

    I'm glad you had such a great time with your mom and sister. Love that she called the GPS a depth finder ;)

  2. What a pretty town. Reminds me of Aspen or Park City, 2 places that could possibly be locations for my future "summer" home. You are so so incredibly lucky to have a wonderful relationship with your mom. I'm glad you got out!

  3. oh, Leavenworth! It's so gorgeous!

    Thanks for the tip on that Ap! I'm running to the Ap Store right now and picking it up for my new little baby, iPhone 3Gs! :)

    (Since you're an iPhone lover, you should check out my latest blog post. It will make you cherish your phone even more!)

  4. I just discovered the shake it! app too. Check out the hipstamatic app. LOVE.
    (Ah, Leavenworth....Beautiful!)

  5. missing my mom + sisters badly, now.

  6. The depth finder thing made me snort! My mom has a fisherman for a husband, too. ;) That's hysterical! And what an idyllic town! I am envious. Looks like a wonderful time.

    gotta get that app...

  7. Happy Birthday to your mom! That looks like a fun town to visit!

  8. Hi Danyelle

    wondering if you got my email yesterday about packaging. sometimes my emails get sent to spam so I thought I would double check.

  9. I love Leavenworth! Sigh. I'm jealous. So happy you had such a great weekend with your sis and mom. Depth finder...priceless.

  10. We had our honeymoon in leavenworth!! (between seattle and walla walla receptions :) Would love to see it again!


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