New Blog Cards.

About 15 minutes before I was to head out to the Blogger Meet Up, I decided I should probably have some kind of paraphernalia to give to my new friends.  You know, a calling card with important stuff about me, like how much I love cardigans.

Some card stock, Japanese masking tape, + lightning fast formatting was all it took.  I like how they turned out and love the tape even more.  I'm even tempted to replace the "ruffles" on my card with "stripes". 

Are you starting to get a little weary of ruffles too?  No.  Just me?  Hmm.


  1. they turned out prec. i also love the weight of the paper you used. so weary of ruffles, ready for something else

  2. What a great idea - they look so sweet!

  3. simple and beautiful! well done.

  4. Wow, love it. How come I didn't get one, we even rode in the same car!

  5. So cute!

    I am completely obsessed with cardigans lately. Perfect for nursing, and so pretty.

    Not tired of ruffles yet, though ;)

  6. great cards.... so creative! thanks for the post.

  7. amen to the end of ruffles. amen.
    we should come up with something completely ridiculous to be the new trend and see if it catches on.
    i loved these cards. if i'd been on the ball with my own blogging i was going to post a picture of them because they are just that sweet and needed to be seen.
    your creative brains seem to work best in a rush and i love what you always come up with.
    love, lin

  8. Completely in love with your darling cards! The idea, the photos, the background of the photos, & oh yes...I am still in love with ruffles. It seems that I might be the only one though, so if you're ever in Colorado...just look for the only girl in ruffles. I've loved them since I was 5 & I'm positive I'll be head over heels for them until I'm 97.
    p.s. I like my ruffles with a stripe or 2 though...I'm just funny like that!

  9. Very cute! Love the tape on them too :)

  10. you. are. rad.
    plain & simple.
    as for ruffles,
    some of us can't rock them.
    never have, never will.
    they're great on everyone else,
    just not me.
    i do enjoy a good stripe though.
    have a great weekend.
    maybe we'll bump into each other.

  11. crazy you did this so fast -- they look awesome! came across your blog via youaremyfave & i love it! will be back for more :]

  12. Oh my gosh, this is adorable!! I love the tape detailing - so creative! xo

  13. I am (almost) over ruffles too. Bring on the stripes!

  14. Those are awesome - what a great idea!

  15. Lovely idea, may adapt it for my own use and I love the way you kept themso simple but gorgeous with the use of tape =)

  16. What about the fonts? I love them. What are they?

  17. hello belinda,

    the fonts are geo sans light and little days. both can be downloaded for free from


  18. just spied your great ideas on my cousin kelly's blog! hip hip. what a darling idea for a teacher gift. you are too good. and these cards are totally darling. xo


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