How To Build a Raised Garden Box.

Our garden boxes are all finished, filled with soil and waiting for Saturday when we'll be planting.  (Can't wait!) Some of you were interested in how we put ours together so here is a quick tutorial on how to build your own 4X4 ft. box.

Once the boxes were built we stained the exteriors with a clear deck stain.

I can already smell the fresh basil...


  1. THANK YOU!!! I've been uber jealous of Ina's garden & when I saw the post that you & your darling family made your own, it was inspiring! Here's hoping I can convince the hubs that they are worth building since I have a knack for slowly off-ing any & all living plants. ;-)

  2. Just found you through thirty handmade days. Seriously how stinking cute are you?

    Love your garden boxes. We have one, yet to be planted in this year. I might heart yours more, so maybe I will have to get hubby to try to whip one out this weekend. Can't wait to look over at the rest of your site.


  3. Have you planted your garden yet??? I wish I had room to plant with raised beds. They are so awesome. I had them at my old house and my garden there was magical. One section had a Peter Rabbit garden for my kids with lots of baby vegetables. Claire used to sit there and eat cherry tomatoes until she was sick. Miss it. What are you planting this year???? If you grow red peppers, let me know. I have a great recipe for Jalapeno jelly. Always a hit at Christmas.

  4. so I was looking into doing this today. Went in to home depot today and was clueless as to what wood to buy- does it matter? any way I am doing this project this weekend (Lord-willing), this should be fun. I just hope I don't ruin my fresh French manicure ;)lol.

    Next project: fire pit for the summer so me and hubby to hang out under the stars. **magical**


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