Safety First.

Ryan spent the entire day Saturday putting up this:


To protect this snotty nose babe (and the other children):

from the scary pit bull that recently moved into the neighborhood.  It's already killed another neighbors cat. Seriously. 


  1. Your husband deserves a medal. Pit Bulls are nasty, scary creatures. I sound judgemental but just having one around children gives me the creeps.

    Oliver is adorable...even with a snotty nose!

  2. Pit bulls scare me to death! People who own them say how sweet they are, but I'm just not buying it. When my oldest was a baby, two pit bulls from our street got into a terrible fight right outside our front door! It was horrible!

  3. The fence looks great!! I hate pit bulls, yuck!

  4. ummm, that's ridiculous. A pit bull? In a little family neighborhood? Not cool!

    But the fence looks great!

  5. That's horrible..the pit bull, not the fence. Great job Ryan keeping your little ones safe.

  6. That's a scary thought. I don't mind pit bulls. A lot of them are really great dogs actually. But it's all how they're raised. They are naturally an animal of great obedience, which is why if they end up with some nasty owners, they will be nasty too. The fence looks great!

    ~ Sarah @

  7. well, how bout I play a little devil's advocate? :)

    pit bulls as a breed aren't always scary or mean although I recognize that they can be. I have a friend that has a pit bull and she's the sweetest thing ever, for real. since this particular dog has killed a cat, I'd be worried because it does exhibit violence.

    my cat growing up was killed by a german shepherd in a neighborhood not far from you...but I don't think that breed is dangerous in all, just a bad egg.

    now, people that don't train and control their dogs, that's where my problem lies.

    just thought I'd throw it out there. no judgement or offense meant by any means!

    and the fence looks amazing. go ryan!

  8. yikes! i would do the same thing. even if a dog is trained it is still an animal and you can never be too safe when it comes to your children!

  9. I get the impression you live in the same town I do, starts with an S? We too had a scary pit bull issue and I finally wrote to the mayor, city council, police precinct and animal control. Then I saw some action. Also, if you are gutsy and the dog is off leash you can make a "citizens arrest" of the dog and take it to the animal shelter. This is what we had to do. The fines are exorbident when this happens and our neighbors decided getting the dog back wasn't worth the cost. Good luck!

  10. Two words: Animal Control. Get them on your speed dial.

  11. abe had a plastic surgeon come to give an address and he said that 90% of dog attacks come from pitbulls and rottweillers (sp). and the number one group of dogs that attack are house dogs that have never bit before. happy news of the day. good job ryan - way to protect your fam.

  12. That little babe (and the other children) are well worth protecting. The fence looks great!

  13. Yup, I would put up a fence too. Good call and it looks great!

  14. Great looking fence! Stay safe to all of you!

  15. Great idea to put up the fence.

    And how in the world is your grass already so green? Looks great (donald would be envious of your lawn if I were to show him these pics...he is obsessed with grass)

  16. Be very careful! Idk if you have ever seen the show "Ax Men"? Its on the history channel, anyway. One of the guys on that show has a pitbull and it just malled and killed their 3 year old baby yesterday! So sad for the family. Pitbulls are horrible!

  17. OH my gosh, I'd be freaking out! That fence is amazing, what a job! I love your blog, makes me smile! :-)

  18. Wow that is scary. The fence s nice. I don't think Pit Bulls are the problem, its the type of person that wants one to own them to compensate for their lack. We has a neighbor with a really sweet Dog. But he actually played and walked and loved on that dog. His dog didn't even look twice at out cat, and she was a total tease.

    Good luck with this situation, any dog that isn't trained is a safty hazard. I pray your kiddos will be safe.

  19. WAY scary- that fence does look sound!

  20. The fence is beautiful. Love the mix of the galvanized metal polls with the wood slats. If you have to have a fence, that's a nice one! Sorry you needed to have it. Hope it brought you all some piece mind.

  21. Wow, how scary! I dont understand the need for such violent animals like that.

  22. Oh that's scary. I am so sorry. Know how you feel though...

    p.s. now I know why Ryan was putting in the the dark. What good dad wouldn't?!

  23. Wow, I love the blog, but I was incredibly disappointed when I saw the call out to pit bulls. Apparently I'm the only one - PUNISH THE DEED, not the breed!Every dog (just like every child) is a product of their environment, breed has nothing to do with it. You don't need to add to the stigma of this poor breed by naming it for the world.
    I have two beautiful rescued pitbulls that are the best dogs I've ever had. Needless to say, I think a lot of our commentors are incredibly misinformed - please, do your research.

  24. You guys are soooo ignorant! Do you research first . It's not the dog, its the owners. You need to to protect your kids from all animals. You guys are giving the breed a bad name. The number # dog that bites kids is golden retrievers.Do what you gotta do, but dont bash the breed. Honestly, have you or anyone else here ever hear of a pitt attacking or killing anyone, but what dog have you hear about? THINK ABOUT IT! Sure the dog has been abused and used for protection but whose fault is that, not the dog. They are a beautiful animal and should be respected and love just like any other.

  25. There are an estimated 4.8 million registered American Pit Bull Terriers that have been selectively bred for
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