Make You Over.

My always cute friend Chelsea has started a new blog called Make You Over where she plans on giving fashion advice to people like me.  Whaaat... wearing jeans + a black t-shirt everyday isn't fashionable? Huh.  As a kick off to this new venture Chelsea is hosting a makeover contest.  After scoring amazing sponsors that are offering the winner almost $2,000 in prizes, the field has been narrowed down to five finalists.  I just submitted my vote for the winner + you should too.  Hurry!  Voting ends tonight at midnight. Go here to view the finalists.


  1. You my friend, ALWAYS look cute. Always.

    Thanks for the plug.

  2. jeans & t-shirts are my wardrobe always. =) after reading the finalists' blurbs i suddenly felt bad for my taste. say it isn't so!
    then top that off with a fb comment from a photog friend about how my pal pictured with me needs to give me some pointers on my jeans....what's wrong with a girl being anti-skinny jeans?! bootcut or die, baby! anyhow, loved your little post. hadn't visited with you in a while. i agree, that you always look great, btw. =)

  3. done! (what an amazing way to help someone feel just a little bit better about themselves.)

    *cute cardigan!

  4. I agree with Chelsea. You always look fantastic!

    I love that Chelsea has done this, and cannot wait to see the end results!!!

  5. just voted. what a fun opportunity those women have!

    you look pretty pulled togather in my book.

  6. Just found your blog and I beyond love you!!!
    Also I was wondering what lenz you have on your camera, I think I can see you have a cannon and I do to and we are wanting to upgrade our basic one that our camera came with.
    Do you have any recomendations??


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