Ten Years.

After 23 hours of back labor sweet Easton was born at
1:22 p.m 10 years ago today.

I'll always remember:

How tired I was.
How Ryan + I cried together when he was born.
How alert he was.
How I didn't think my world could get any better.
How much I craved apple juice after labor.
How I immediately loved him.

And look at him now! 10 years old. Loves basketball + reading. Playing the Wii. Obedient. Kind. Funny.
My mother heart breaks and swells when I realize how quickly he's growing up.
Right before my eyes he has become a young man.

Happy Birthday to the one that made me a mother first.


  1. Happy Birthday Easton!

    This picture is so fantastic. I love his freckles!

  2. Happy Birthday to Easton!! It goes so quickly. There is nothing like becoming Mom. Happy 10 years of Motherhood.

  3. Just thinking about back labor makes me want to double over in pain. THE. WORST.

    What a remarkable young man. It is amazing how fast it's gone.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Mom day Danyelle! My oldest was born (almost same labor- 32 hrs, back labor) 10 years ago, this Thurs!!

  5. There are some things we don't forget. Happy Birthday to Easton! He was so worth it wasn't he?

  6. Oh what a sweet post! It made me tear up a little. :)

  7. It's hard to believe you have a 10-year-old! Happy Birthday Easton! I loved reading your memories.

  8. What a tear jerker! I hope his next ten are as filled with love as his last ten have been! He's so adorable! You're one lucky lady!

  9. Happy birthday to your Easton! He is so blessed to have you as his mother! And, I must comment on the thickness of his lashes...beautiful!(p.s. my boys and I sincerely enjoyed Oliver's 1st word on twitter tonight. we listened to it 3 times & each time he said uh-oh, no one could keep from laughing. thanks for providing tonight's deliciously adorable entertainment!)

  10. Happy Birthday to your handsome boy!

  11. happy "birth" day to you, danyelle. happy ten to easton.
    i imagine lucas at ten. it's going to come faster than a blink, isn't it.
    love, lindsay

  12. Happy Birthday Easton! You Rock!

  13. Happy Birthday Easton! We love you!!

  14. Happy [belated] Birthday to Easton! What a handsome young man he is.


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