My Word for 2010.

Instead of posting my list of goals like I have in years past, I'm jumping on the "choose a word" bandwagon inspired by Ali Edwards.

And so...


There are so many things I am interested in.
So many skills I'd like to develop.
So many attributes I want to attain.   
So many.

This year I'll be reminding myself that everyday I'm given the chance to grow.
Everyday is a gift, and an opportunity to become who I am meant to be.


Pretty all encompassing, no?


  1. I so admire this about you.

    Two things stop me from learning new things.
    1.) I am too lazy
    2.) Fear of failure

    They are both lame. I could use looking at this word and this quote from President Uctdorf every single day.

    Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Great word. Perfect word. I have no doubt you'll be up to your eyeballs with new skills in no time.

  3. ah! your word is so lovely.
    mine is scrawled across my bathroom mirror in dry-erase marker. so un-chic of me. =( but it's also a good one: gentle.
    works for me.

  4. Awesome. What are some of the things/ attributes you are hoping to learn.

  5. i LOVE it! I had seen that and thought

    EXPERIENCE for mine. Which is similar but more general. Taste for instance can be covered by experience. :)

  6. I think this is a great word for the year (and for all years). Lovely blog.

  7. I love this print you made and your word for 2010. I feel like since I graduated from college, I'm slowing losing all my knowledge. I want to adopt this this year too.

  8. I love the way you created your display of the word...& the word itself. Perfect.

  9. what a perfect quote. lots to learn out there!

  10. My word for 2010 would be "DISCOVERY".

    I graduated from school two years ago and havent done one thing with my degree. I recently accepted a position with a design firm and two days before I started they lost projects and couldnt hire me at that point. It was a major disappointment.

    At this point, I am trying to discover my passions again and explore different avenues and who I am and who I want to be.

    Good post!

    Carly Hill

  11. It is so fun to be a mom and a wife and still LEARN new things. I have loved learning new things over the past few months and thank you for your encouragement.

  12. I'm so with you on this one!!!!! I don't think I'll ever get through my "things I want to learn and do" list. I find that exciting!!! I just started another semister of school this week... photography and multimedia. Can't wait. You go girl!!! I love your sign.. I want one!!

  13. hello there,

    i came across your blog just now and i must say one word: LOVE.

    your blog is so lovely and inspirational.

    i'm excited to keep on reading.

  14. I have only just discovered your blog and it has brought so much color and motivation into my life - with this word encompassing that experience fully. Thank u...


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