Reindeer Fun.

Friday night found our family visiting Comet + Cupid for our advent calendar activity.
Easton and Abby liked jumping from hay bale to hay bale.
Audrey wouldn't let me put her down.
Oliver was completely happy + enthralled.
Owen was cold. And tired.

Thank goodness Ryan had his phone so we were able to document the fun.

p.s I used this App to enhance the photos.


  1. I love how Olivers eyes are filled with wide eyed excitement. I don't know Danyelle...for some reason with all of you posed on those bales of hay that looks like a slew of kids! :)

  2. How fun for your family! I want to try out that app now!

  3. How fun! You'll have to let me know where they are at so I can take my girls to visit :)

  4. Your family looks so darling! (And, so does your hair!)

  5. you and your family are all so adorable! i am truly amazed that you have five kids too. i want five kids but am unsure that i could be a good mother to that many. how do you do it??

  6. Ha! I love Amy's looks like a slew of kids because it IS a slew of kids. A slew of absolutely darling children!


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