Gingerbread House How To.

step 1: buy a gingerbread house kit from costco
step 2: turn on some vintage Christmas music
step 3: start a cozy fire
step 4: brew some hot chocolate
step 5: gather around a table
step 6: start building
step 7: pray for snow
step 8: create memories


  1. a friend of mine just told me about the gingerbread house kits available at costco (because they are vegan)! i am going to go try and find one today. looks like so much fun.

    p.s. i love your blog <3

  2. Looks like we make gingerbread houses the same way!

  3. sounds like a great way to spend an evening!

    p..s i love your blog too!

  4. i have a kit from martha hanging around from last year. i wonder if it will still work! i'd be interested to see how j does with it. he'll probably want to *eat* it!

  5. Sounds perfect--and I love the pictures!

  6. so how do you stop yours collapsing?

  7. gotta love those costco kits-now i want to get mine out too!

    and i love your blog...i'll be coming back!

  8. how fun! I am looking forward to making some this year too!

  9. Remember when we crammed all the cousins into my kitchen (it still had carpet on the floor then) and decorated gingerbread houses! We need to plan that for next year it was so much fun...Of course none of the houses looked as great as yours. :)

  10. Love the pre-made houses so that all the energy goes into the actual decoration of it. My kids are in high school and middle school and they still look forward to doing this.


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