Birthday GIVEAWAY Winner!

So sorry this post is late dears. Today has been busy with a capital "B". I've got tons still left to do, so this will be short + sweet.

The random number generator says that "E" who said:
happy happy birthday!!

let's see... making me happy today?
-the smell of my baby right out of the tub this morning.
-the sight of my christmas tree peeking up into our second floor.
-the sound of a happy holiday mix a friend just dropped by.
-the taste of a homemade caramel for breakfast.
-the feeling that it's just going to be a great day.

will be receiving a happy mail package from me. Email me quick "E"! And a huge thanks to each and every one of you. Friday was a lovely day made better by reading your kind comments. I loved hearing about all of the things that are making you happy. If I played the lottery + won tons of cash I would package up something pretty for each of you. Now, I'm off to bake!


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