This very moment...

I'm loving the sweet photos Aunt Amy took of Abigail in her baptism dress.

I can't believe the a-maz-ing deals I scored this morning at Old Navy's outerwear sale. 5 coats under 100.00. This one is my fave.

Audrey is napping. Going on hour three.

Oliver is messing his drawers.

My brain is spinning around lots of creative ideas.

Brandi Carlile is echoing through the cozy brick house.

I am so happy.


  1. wow! the elegantly familiar mathews face strikes again! i love it. amy is absolutely amazing with a camera...and it doesn't hurt o be beautiful to boot! =) glad its a good day.

  2. This is a beautiful picture of Abby! Amy did a great job.

    Dang it, I wish my kids needed new coats cuz there's some very cute stuff right now. I love the girl's green peacoat.

    Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!

  3. Abby is gorgeous in that picture. That is truly a picture to treasure forever.

    And I heart Old Navy sales.

  4. Abby was the perfect little model!

  5. danyelle,
    seeing these pictures today made my heart swell. remembering how so very badly i wanted to be baptized on my eighth birthday. your abby is gorgeous and your mothering even sweeter. you are a lucky mama and that girl of yours - such a lucky girl to have you and ryan.
    love, lindsay

  6. What a beautiful little lady!

    I bought some stuff to make a centerpiece for Christmas time.

    And a piece of chocolate walnut fudge.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I am so excited for Abby!! What an exciting day for your family.

  8. ...and you make me happy. so very, very happy.

    i simply love your blog.

    with love from Pittsburgh...

  9. wow, she is gorgeous. And only 8?? Watch out!


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