Hello, friends. Yesterday was an especially nice day here at the cozy brick house. The children were home from school + we had no where to be. We lounged around all morning in our PJ's. I packaged orders for the shop and they played + read + checked things off their chore charts.

The afternoon was filled with playdates, Ryan coming home early {hooray!}, movie watching, and crafting. I've been keeping myself busy making some new treats for a little show I'm participating in on Saturday.

If you're local {Tri-Cities area}, you should stop by. I'd love to say hello.

Johnson Home
8207 Camano Dr.
More information here.

If you're not local, no worries. New items will be listed in the shop soon!


  1. oooh, so pretty. love the colors. i bought some fabric to do the same if i could just find the time. yours turned out great, wish i was closer so i could come see:)

  2. Wait, what? You live in the Tri-Cities? My husband is from Kennewick. We visit at least a couple times a year.

    I love a day of crafting.

  3. Would you consider Moscow "local" ?? You're one of the closest "big cities" in the area!

  4. i am glad to read that we weren't the only ones who stayed in pj's well into the day on Wednesday. I just couldn't get motivated.

    The colors in your new project is just stunning.

  5. Dandee!

    I found your blog through your Etsy store. I happened upon the "Shade" sale and picked up a cute yellow rose pin and yellow dangly flower earings. Will you have another show soon? I'd love to get more jewelry - my husband ACTUALLY complimented the earings!


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