7 Months.

Oh, this boy. I love him so.

Oliver at seven months...

hates eating solids
also dislikes sleeping through the night
sporting TWO new shiny teeth
wears cardigans (sigh)
smiles a lot
splashes in the bath
sits + plays all day
loves his mama the best.

See more of Oliver + Abigail's photoshoot here.


  1. Oh my goodness...he is absolutely too adorable. (I looove the photo shoot. Abigail's dress is lovely.)

  2. Svenja wanted to know how I got him to smile for the camera. When isn't that sweet little guy smiling? He is such a doll.

  3. Adorable! Is this a hobby for Amy or is she up to something? She's got some real talent. And it doesn't hurt that her models are gorgeous! Abby looks so classic and beautiful and Oliver, well, come on, how can you not LOVE that face?

  4. Amy's work is fantastic! (and I do agree, the gorgeous subjects make it pretty easy on the eyes) But I'm left wondering...what color ARE Oliver's eyes? I thought they were blue...but they definitely look brown in this picture. Or am I just crazy? (don't answer that ;)

  5. not eating solids or sleeping good? good thing he's so cute and loves his mama best. ;)

    what a cutie!!

  6. So cute!! he is growing up so quickly. And Abby still looks like that little girl when we lived there.. but so grown up.

  7. He's so sweet, I want to snuggle up with him for the day. (It doesn't hurt that he sounds just like my youngest.) Also, I love the pictures of Abigail.

  8. Everytime I see Oliver he has a huge smile on his face. Seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen.

    And as for Amy.....what talent!

    She really captured some beautiful moments with your children.

  9. Too cute!!! and the blog designs..those are too cute too!

  10. but a CUTE little thing that doesn't like to sleep! :)


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