This very moment...

We're home from Trunk or Treating. The children are coming off the sugar and trying their darnedest to fall asleep. You should have heard the mother of all tantrums Audrey threw when Ryan plied her candy bucket from her fingers.
It. was. awesome.

We're deciding what movie we want to spend the evening watching.
Wolverine or The Brothers Bloom. Wanna guess who picked what?

Oliver's rash is gone. It's a Halloween miracle.

I received some really lovely happy mail from a kind friend today.
I love happy mail. And kind friends.

I'm wishing our Saturday were a little less scheduled and a little more relaxing.
If I can find a free second, I'm going to make one of these.
Doesn't that look fun?

Happy Halloween, friends. Sunday is November. (wha?)


  1. Great picture! Madelyn asks constantly for candy. Sounds like you had a good day. We just finished watching Wolverine tonight!

  2. your children are adorable! i love the nerd.
    my husband watch "Brothers Bloom" last night... i fell asleep.
    Happy Halloween!

  3. Love that pose of Easton's. So cute of all 5! of them dressed up. Happy Halloween.

  4. The costumes look great! I will have to show Grandpa Cazier Eastens use of his suspenders! So bummed I missed the tantrum.

  5. I love Easton's costume, and love his personality in this picture even more. What a funny kid!

    Those ribbon wreaths are so pretty!

    Don't forget to "fall back" tonight! (and no, I can't believe that it's already November)

  6. I love love Trunk-or-Treat! We just got home ourselves and it always ends up being my favorite part of Halloween. I am adoring Abigail's wings & makeup. Someday I will have to borrow someone's daughter just so I can dress her up!

  7. Cute costumes! They make quite the bunch of trick or treaters.

  8. How fun, I love them all! Looks like a fun night!

  9. I have never seen Easton so animated before. It's cracking me up.

    Great costumes, gorgeous children!

  10. Cute, cute kids. I'm so glad you posted pics of them in their costumes since we didn't get to see them that night. So what movie did you go with? I still say you need to borrow our x-men trilogy before you watch Wolverine.

  11. Your kids look adorable!! I love Easton's expression it cracks me up!

  12. Happy kids! I love the nerd, he is so in character!


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