This very moment...

This babe is sick. Again. Thanks to breathing treatments + modern medicine, he is finally asleep.
For awhile, at least.

All of the children are snug in their beds after a rousing night of Beatles Rockband.
They totally rocked Yellow Submarine.

Ryan is installing these sconces above our fireplace.
I love how my children can sleep through odd construction noises.

I'm typing away while Say Yes to the Dress is on in the background.
Is it strange that I am so obsessed with weddings?

I am determined to take my big kids to see this movie tomorrow.
I think I want to see it more than they do.

I can't stop thinking about a really, really awesome project my dear friend Lyndsay is working on.
I can't wait to share it with you all.'s Friday! Hooray!


  1. Oh my gracious! We have the blue elephant face mask! Hope he feels better soon. (It's not weird to be obsessed with weddings...just fun!)

  2. Our dear friend, the nebulizer, has been out for the last two days here. :( We used to have that same mask- we have grown up to a regular mouth tube now- not as fun, but gets the job done. I hope he feels better soon! Our whole house is cranky because the coughing keeps everyone else awake through the night too.

    At least you have some fun things to keep your spirits up.

    Nikki over at Whimsy Love made the cutest hand puppet based on a character of that movie- she's thinking of adding them to her etsy store...

  3. I too am obsessed with weddings. The sconces look beautiful and I'm anxious to see what Lyndsey is up to.

    Best wishes to Oliver!

  4. Poor little guy. (although he does look pretty dang cute with that mask)

    The sconces are so pretty!

    I hope you're able to get to the movie with your kids. It looks so cute!

  5. how come he looks so happy even though he is doing treatments. what a lucky mom you are to have such a sweet baby. plus i kind of want to borrow him because he is so cute

  6. oh my goodness! saying prayers for your little one!

    ps i love your friend lyndsay's blog!

  7. At least your babe is smiling! My son has pnemonia, he's been miserable, and he screams through each breathing treatment! He has gotten much better though...thanks to a priesthood blessing. :)

    Hope yours feels better soon, and starts sleeping better!

  8. I love 'Say Yes to the Dress'...and Donald always moans when he catches me watching it.

  9. okay this is so funny. I can't believe he is holding it to his mouth. I have had all three of my kids on nebulizers (2 for RSV) as babies, and they NEVER did that. I laughed at the picture:)
    and p.s. was watching "say yes to the dress" last night too......

  10. Poor babe! I hope he feels better soon. And I was right there with ya last night, I love "Say yes to the dress!"

  11. Oh that is the cutest photo!! Glad he's taken to the nebulizer.

  12. oh. what a cutie--but still the picture breaks my heart.

    i am excited to have just found your blog. so much good stuff here.

  13. up late - wondering if you're sleeping over there at the cozy brick house. i'm going to call there when i wake up in the morning to ask how i can help you out. be ready with a good answer. love, lindsay

  14. I am so sad that little Oliver doesn't feel well, but that photo...he is actually smiling through the mist! Gotta love him.

  15. Oh my gosh, that is the cutest (saddest?) thing ever!! I can't believe he's just holding it there, smiling. My kids would have been screaming and pushing it away.

    Did you end up seeing the movie? I'm so curious what you thought?

  16. Love your new blog look and new button! So cute!!

  17. That is adorable- thank goodness for those breathing machines! My 1 year old was standing here beside me when I saw this and he just started cracking up at that cute picture!

  18. Can't wait to see the sconces.

    It's not weird at all to be obsessed with weddings {cough, cough}. I buy all of Martha's wedding magazines. Love them.

  19. i love say yes to the dress!! i hope your little one feels better too! p.s. did my photographs arrive? if so, i hope they arrived safely and that you enjoy them :)

  20. Firstly, you have a wonderful blog, and I spent way too much time reading old posts today :) I am now officially yet another follower and hopefully bloggy friend!

    Secondly, how is it that your beautiful baby boy looks just so... well... happy, even though he's obviously not well? I hope he gets well very soon.

    We have one the same here at our house at the moment too... Luckily he's on the mend and all fingers and toes are crossed that we all have a full night of sleep - the first in a week!

    Thanks again for sharing so much on your blog, love the photos, really love the posts and can't wait to keep reading!


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