This very moment...

It's cloudy outside. And cold. I think we just may light up the fireplace tonight. And cuddle.

I'm missing the ocean.

I'm typing as fast as I can so I can shower and run to Target and buy this album. I know I could download it, but there is something about having it in. my. hands.

Speaking of music, the dear Passionista's October Mix is divine. This song just might be my favorite. It's happy and bouncy and fun.

I'm so in love with my husband. He's really good to me. And he makes the bed. Oh, and he's joined twitter. You should follow him. I do.

I'm planning on making a few of these this weekend. A happy fall project. What? You didn't know doilies were hot right now. They are.

Happy Friday, dearies.
I'll see your smiling faces Monday.


  1. Now following Ryan on twitter. He and my husband have the same outlook on bangs. Made me laugh. Beautiful picture...I haven't seen the ocean in over 10 years. You are a lucky lucky girl.

  2. i want to make doily pumpkins with you.
    i was wondering if it was too early to start up the fireplace. my feets are frozen!
    off to follow ryan!
    love, lindsay

  3. OK so I am soooo last century. I really don't get the Twitter thing. Those pumpkins look like a craft that the kids could help with and it would still end up looking cool. Plus, if it doesn't turn out, just carve away.

  4. I too am waiting impatiently to get to Target and get the new Buble cd. I can't wait! I so love his music.

  5. I totally adore your husband [my cousin] so much that I have to awaken my tweeting just to follow him.

    Thanks for the shout out, and I am DYING to know what you think of THE album. CALL ME!

  6. Those pumpkin stencils are adorable! Hannah would love doing this...once I actually buy some pumpkins.

    So, it's now 2:44pm. Are you in love with Michael all over again yet? I am!


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