Rustic Ghost Suckers.

Owen is pumped for Halloween. The boy loves to dress up and even more than that, he loves candy. (who doesn't?) Tomorrow is his big Halloween party at preschool so we spent a few minutes this morning making ghosts for him to give to his friends.

To make, you'll need:
Tootsie pops

Cut your fabric into circles and wrap around tootsie pop. Secure with twine. These ghosts are so easy + have been around forever. I remember making them with my mother at my Kindergarten Halloween party (you know, back when they were still called Halloween parties and you wore costumes).

Owen + I decided to make our ghosts a bit more mysterious by adding a mustache. Miss Audrey loves them too. I'm pretty sure she thinks hers is a doll.


  1. Love the mustache! And I LOVE Miss Audrey's new haircut!

  2. So cute! They look adorable and I'm sure they'll be the hit of the class.

  3. Adorable, I love the mustaches!

  4. Those are perfect (& every time I see the picture of him on the scooter I have to laugh out loud). *Audrey's hair is so cute. oh, to have a little girl!*

  5. Yes, those suckers are adorable, but what's even more adorable is Audrey's haircut! I love it! (and it leaves me longing for Elisabeth's hair to grow so we can do cute styles like that)

  6. I love her hair! So sweet.

    Your post brought back so many memories! At Christmas we wrapped suckers in Christmas patterened fabric and tied them with ribbon. They weren't ghosts exactly...we only made those with Kleenex. :)

  7. Cutest halloween treat ever. I'm tweeting this...

  8. I know this is kind of random but did you use linen for the fabric?

  9. I'm so doing this today using some leftover muslin and twine with the kiddo this afternoon. Will practice my mustache right now.


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