does breakfast taste better when prepared in a shiny new blender?

yes, especially when said blender was a gift from your husband after you broke the one you've had for almost 11 years.

he did good, no?


  1. This is good to know. I'm in the market for a new blender too and thought I might have to dish out the big bucks for a vitamix, but this might be a good alternative! Thanks and congrats on the new blender!

  2. wow. a man who can pick out a blender. he is a keeper.

  3. And it's pretty to boot!

    Great job Ryan!

  4. I have that blender in black! I love it. Your color is mush prettier, though! :) Good choice on his part.

  5. i think a shiny new blender would most definately make breakfast taste better!
    i just found your blog and let me just say i heart it! oh so pretty, cheeful & sweet!
    happy day to you!

  6. a man that can pick out a pretty (and quality) blender? he's a keeper!

  7. really good.
    and how cute does that shiny just-the-right-shade-of-blue blender look in your cozy kitchen. so cute.
    love, lindsay

  8. he did do good! I love that blender. I'll email you and we can choose a time to meet up. Glad Oliver liked the swing! It sure was a lifesaver for me....and will be again here soon! :)


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