Today Owen is five. In the blink of an eye he has turned from baby to toddler to little man. He is smart, kind, inquisitive and has the best sense of humor of ANYONE I know. Just this morning as he was unwrapping a few gifts before he went off to pre-school he had us all laughing and laughing. We really love our Owen boy and feel so lucky that he is ours.

p.s. I didn't get the opportunity to say this yesterday, Happy Fall friends!


  1. I can't believe he's 5 already. Happy Birthday Owen!

  2. Five? Really? That's amazing.

    Happy birthday Owen!

  3. Adam (my little man who just turned 5 18 days ago!) says to say happy birthday to Owen! He is very enthralled with this picture because he has yet to see the ocean. Someday! Hope his special day was wonderful!

  4. Love me some Owen. I love that when I wished him Happy Birthday today, he wished it to me right back. So sweet.

  5. Owen is one of the funniest guys I know too!

  6. love your blog!

    hope you don't mind me blurking.

    happy to the little man.


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