Summers End.

This is the last week of summer at the cozy brick house.

We'll be busy playing, planning + absorbing every last drop of summertime sunshine.

Regular craft-happy-family lovin' posting resumes next week.



  1. LOVE that picture. I wanna go to the beach!

  2. Enjoy your last week of summer!

    Hope you had a great time at the beach...what am I saying? Of course you did!!

  3. I am officially ready for the kids to be in school. But I am not ready for the cool days and falling leaves just yet.

  4. Enjoy! This is our first week of school. My yard has one less bush, some new purple mums, my front door is now black... and I've lost three lbs. I'm LOVING back to school this year! :)

  5. enjoy it for us since we already started!!! can't wait to see them in their cute school clothes on the first day back!


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