Lessons Learned.

The family took a little getaway into the mountains for a wedding.
I learned a few things while we were away.


Some babies love long car rides. And some babies don't.

In a tourist town, asking $35.00 for four kids meals is completely acceptable.

Red Velvet cake with raspberry filling is divine.

When you have five children, people look at you like you're crazy.

Siblings argue. Sometimes even in their sleep.

Four year olds get car sick very quickly.

A hotel room is so much better than a travel trailer.

Whoever said "laughter is the best medicine" was totally right.



  1. I completely agree with everything! I get those looks with only four children!

  2. i give MYSELF those looks with my TWO children.

    Bless you with your 5 kids...how do you survive summer time?? Well,If it weren't for the blasted sickness in pregnancy I'd have 15... ;)

    I totally relate to wanting to live a creative life...now if i could just get myself to actually make stuff :) My craft room just ends up a heap of junk (that's how we've evolved in cleaning our house)

    thanks for the comment...it's always good to see new faces ;) Have a great night!

  3. Oh my goodness, that picture...I am dying! You and Ryan seriously deserve a romantic getaway for sure now. As soon as Oliver is old enough to leave, you guys need to jet!

    This post just proves why I love you so much, you always keep things positive!

  4. I'm still concerned by the fact that the "carsick" back is clear. Oh man...


  5. Oh I have gotten the looks to. I remember once a lady at a store asked if I new anything about birth control.( I was only on #5) Then when we were at chucky cheese a lady asked me if ALL the kids had the same father:) I of course did not know what to say at this time we just had # 8. We are not on any gov program or handout so why do people have to be sooo rude?? As alittle girl I allways wanted twelve:)


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