The Color Infusion Project No.1

The cozy brick house needed more color, so I decided to give myself a little project. It's called
The Color Infusion Project.

The idea is to focus on spaces that lack life and personality and infuse them with happy splashes of color. The first space I wanted to tackle was the pretty built-in hutch in the dining room. This hutch is one of my favorite features of our home and was being terribly neglected by the lack of color. My collection of white cake plates, urns, and platters were blending in instead of popping. The solution? 'Fresh Basin' blue paint. All it took was half of the sample size cans offered up at Lowes. The total project set me back $2 and some change.

I couldn't be more pleased with the results.
Color Infusion Project No. 1: Success.
Up next? Upholstery.


  1. I'm loving the color...and your white cake plates.

  2. bravo! love it. you've got me thinking. . .

  3. It looks so great! Love the blue.

  4. what a great built in. i really love what you have done with it. the color is fantastic! your beautiful collection can really shine now!

  5. It looks so pretty. I love how the color really makes the 'milk glass' stand out.

  6. It turned out brilliant!

    It makes me wish I had a blah hutch to fix up!

  7. Love the blue. Love the white dishes. Love your blog.


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