Craft Camp: Day Four.

Fluffy Fabric Flip Flops.

I could tell from the giggles and smiles that this craft was a favorite for most of the girls. It was simple, fun, and made them feel like mini fashion designers. In fact, most of the girls showed up to the final day of camp proudly wearing their creations, feeling such a sense of accomplishment. I really loved that.

This is the tutorial that inspired me.

This is where I bought the flip flops for $1.

And this is the pretty fabric we used.

Abby uses hers as slippers rather than flip flops. They're the first thing she puts on in the morning.


  1. I saw those in Family Fun but after seeing McKenna's they are cuter in person!

  2. Very cute, and I'm sure all the girls love to wear them.

  3. My girls and all of their peers wore fun red, white, and blue ones when they were all star cheerleaders- they're so cute it would be impossible not to giggle slipping your toes in!

    Wish my girls couldva went to craft camp but alas we live in MA. sigh.


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