Craft Camp: Day One.

For the fist day of craft camp we made these sweet cupcake planters.
You'll need:
1 terracotta pot
craft paint
wood ball with hole in bottom
wood dowel
paint sealer
plant (I bought Irish moss)
potting soil
I followed Nikki's tutorial. She has great pictures and easy to follow instructions.

The girls really loved this craft. It was easy enough for them to do on their own and they LOVED that their little potted plant resembled a cupcake.


  1. Kendle had absolutely the best time all week. She hasn't stopped talking about it and loves all of her cute crafts. Thanks for doing the camp - it was a wonderful idea!

  2. I love that you did this Craft Camp, and it looks like the girls had a great time! Love the planters!!

  3. Alexandra's is sitting in our kitchen....the perfect place for a cupcake plant!

  4. What a doll you are that you held a girls' craft camp! Such a mother, you are. :) And such a sweet spirit.

  5. HOW CUTE! I love this idea of a craft camp!!

  6. The cupcake plants are so adorable! And the girls are pretty cute, too. :)

  7. The planters turned out so cute! In some sort of silly crafty way, I feel honored that you made them!!

    And I'm totally doin' a craft camp next year. I just gotta!


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