Whimsy Love.

This morning, Audrey and I were lucky enough to meet up with Nikki of Whimsy Love at a charming little coffee shop just across the river. We talked "shop" and laughed about the wackiest things in our purses. [For some reason I had a spoon and Mrs. Whimsy Love had herself a handful of balloons just waiting to be blown up.] It was great fun and something I look forward to doing again in the near future.
Here is Nikki posing with her state of the art camera. Also notice the pretty ring on her finger. She made it and sells lots more in her darling etsy shop.

Nikki was also kind enough to gift Miss Audrey Mae and I this little owlie in which she is quite famous for. You can buy one of her little owls or a ring or two here.

And if you're in the mood to read a little about how we work chores and tasks and allowance 'round these parts, hop on over to We Chirp. I posted all about it.


  1. haha!
    I had SOOOOOOOOO much fun this morning! We must do it again soon. And often.

  2. Oh lucky - you got to meet Nikki... she just seems like so much fun to know IRL. :)

  3. Fun for you!

    I enjoyed your chore post. It is hard to find something that works for your family. It only took us 14+ years! :)

  4. fun for you. you two seem crafting soul sisters.

  5. How fun to meet a blog friend in real life. That owl is super cute. I so need to read your chore post. We need serious help around here with this.

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