A letter to a friend.

Dear Kristin,

I have been thinking about the last 6 years and the changes our friendship has seen. When we met we each had 2 children. Soon, there will be NINE between us. I've moved twice. You've gone to New York! We've made jewelry. Enjoyed the "ocean trip" four years running. Seen Michael Buble from the second row. My first trip to Texas was with you. We've shopped in Seattle. Talked about the similarities between you and Ryan to no end. I've leaned on you through challenges. Sought your advice on mothering. And hoped everyday to become a little more like you. Thank you for being my friend. For the person you are and for all of the good times yet to come.

Have a lovely birthday, most dear friend!



  1. Happy Birthday Kristin!! We are all so lucky and blessed to call you friend. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday Kristin! You are truly an amazing person---someone I really admire and respect. I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend.

    Isn't it fantastic to have those special friendships!

  3. I love a good friendship like you and Kristin have. Happy Birthday Kristin.

  4. You two are such great friends! How wonderful. And Kristin is wonderful, I loved living by the two of you. Happy Birthday Kristin!

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  6. Happy Bday Kristin! I love this picture.

  7. dear dandee

    couldn't be more thankful for our friendship. hope you know it.


    thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

  8. i am so in love with your blog i almost can't even stand it.

    oh, my heavens.

    lovely, lovely, and just lovely.

    with love from pittsburgh...

  9. Happy Birthday Kristin! I hope you get spoiled rotten, and that you have a wonderful day.

  10. What a great post. Happy Birthday Kristin!

  11. I wished I lived as close to you as Danyelle does. Happy B-day sister.


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