With so much to do before baby arrives, Ryan requested a to do list. See, he loves checking things off as much as I do. Wanna know what's even more fun than checking things off a paper list? Learning how to strikethrough blog lists. My sweet friend Kami did a great post about some helpful blogger tips. Go here to get the sccop.

1. Touch up baby's room trim
2. Add a shelf in hall closet [two?]
3. Paint trim in downstairs bathroom
4. Add transition flooring pieces to boy's room, bathroom
5. Paint trim by hall closet
6. Wash windows [inside + out]
7. Connect TV in bedroom
8. Install exterior house numbers
9. Fix weather striping on front door
10. Paint baby's lamp
11. Add closet rod in boy's room
12. Fix Easton's bed
13. Order blinds for baby's room

Hope you all have a productive fun weekend.


  1. Thanks for the links, I have wondered how to do some of the fun things people do!

  2. I've ALWAYS wanted to know how to strikethrough lists!! (I couldn't find it on the links you left, so I had to google it.)

    I heart listmaking.

  3. Yeah, me too. I even linked to the ones she linked to and linked to the ones THEY linked to, but didn't seen anything about strikethrough. I have been wondering forever how to do that, feeling like I must be the only blogger on the planet who doesn't know how to do it. I guess I'll google it.

  4. Thank you Danyelle for the link love! Don't you just love a good strike out?! It's the best way to say what you are really thinking. :)

    For those comments wondering how to do it, make sure you're in the 'Edit HTML' tab when you are posting and then add the following code around the letters/words that you want to strike through (without the quotation marks):
    <"strike">words you want to strikeout<"/strike">

    You can also use this code:
    <"del">words you want to strikeout<"/del">

  5. I've always wondered how to do this too. Thanks Kami!


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