Baby Shower Banner.

A couple of weeks ago I was crazy inspired by this darling garland. So inspired infact, that I made my own version for my sweet friend Lindsay's baby shower.

***vintage book pages
***kraft paper
***white and pale blue cupcake liners

After dreaming of cupcake liners for a week, it was very rewarding to get this project out of my brain and made into something lovely.


  1. Darling. Have fun and sounds perfect Danyelle.

  2. Oh, I really love that banner. It's very cute. I love that you used the cupcake liners.

  3. i love it so much that we've got it hanging up on our fireplace. ready to welcome the babe. thank you, dear.
    i wish-wish-wish i could see all the projects that you've got stored up in those brains of yours.
    love, lin

  4. Eeeek! I am having a Sweet Shop baby shower in a month. I am totally going to make this. SO cute.


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