It's 3:45.
The children are home from school.
I may or may not be in pj's.
Audrey has traces of lunch on her face.
Owen hasn't stopped coughing since Friday.
Audrey now has Owen's cough.
And a fever.
Running nose? Check.
Plus a couple of molars making their way up through her gums.
And...she's still a happy doll. [well, mostly]
Happy Monday to you, dear friends!


  1. We're havin' a jammie day at our house today. And building forts from chairs & blankets!

  2. sounds oh so similar to my 14 month old......

  3. I love that picture.

    Here's to making it out of jammies by lunch tomorrow!

  4. jammies are sooooooooo underrated as normal day time clothing. i am here with you in the sick department. i will pray you don't get it.
    i love this picture. she is so happy.

  5. Look at those rosy cheeks and red nose! Still smiling though...that's impressive!
    I am glad to hear that you 'may or may not' be in pj's...because I lounged around my house in sweats all day :)

  6. I love this picture! The fact that she is not feeling well and is still so darn sweet....you are one lucky mama!

  7. Keep an eye on the cough with fever!! :) That's the overly worried "Pneumonia mom" in me, of course. That is the most DARLING photo. (I may or may not be in PJs at 3:45 on any given day, myself...)

    I love your "worth noting" quote!

  8. What a sweet face! We had a day lie that yesterday too...minus the sickness. I hope you all feel well soon. :)

  9. Oh, we are right there with you! We are all still in our PJ's here; granted, it's only 9:30, but still, that's rare for us. Macy is home sick and we all have the cough/cold, etc. Blech. Still, I'd take this over the other stuff any day. Audrey is even cuter with the rosy cheeks and nose!

  10. I hope they get better soon. I got you e-mail by the way very very late last night. Next Tuesday works for me.


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