The Secret of Christmas.

Ella Fitzgerald. Pure and simple loveliness. My absolute favorite female vocalist. Do you need to update your Christmas music repertoire with a few classics? Give Ella's "The Secret of Christmas" first dibs. You will not be disappointed. You can buy a copy of Ella's Swingin' Christmas here. [which has "The Secret of Christmas"] You can also listen to my favorite Christmas music playlist here. [This is playing ALL THE TIME around these parts] Thank you, dear Passionista for your impeccable taste in music.
p.s. You can hear a sample of "The Secret of Christmas" on Passionista's playlist. It's track number 2.


  1. I just love all of your projects, I could just sit here and oogle over them all day. Your Days until Christmas stockings turned out wonderful, and your wreath is beautiful. Great work, you inspire the creativity in all of us :)

    Thanks for the music too, I will definitely have to check it out!

  2. I too love Ella's voice. It is so rich and pure, and smooth, and just lovely!

  3. ooo, I love ella also. My favorite is the song "baby its cold outside" Christmas song... out of all the versions, her's is my favorite :)

  4. I love her version of "Let It Snow". So snappy!

  5. Danyelle,

    I apologize for that spycam? Lisa Landoni asked if I sent it? I was sent one....but I couldn't open it...cause of our security system. So? I noticed you commented on it? I am sorry for that? Call me and tell me what it was?

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