Saying Thanks.

We spent our morning writing, coloring, creating our Christmas thank yous. I have to admit that my hand is a bit sore. With my birthday being so close to Christmas I always have a lot of thanks stored up.
For the children's cards I printed a simple thank you on an A2 size card and let them use their imaginations to decorate the rest. For my cards, I found these pretty little numbers last night on an excursion to Target. They were only $9.99 for 50 cards with sweet matching envelopes. I really, really, love them. Now, off to the post office.


  1. i love targets thank you cards. got some last year for abe's work. these are so cute and great way to get your kids in the habit of saying thanks.

  2. loved your cute christmas card. Thank you!
    You are so gracious!
    Happy new year to you....and I love my clean house to!

  3. I used those exact target thank-yous for my wedding gifts. They were perfect!

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