Cozy Christmas.

A peek inside the cozy brick house all gussied up for Christmas...
[click to enlarge]

I have come to realize when it comes to holiday decorating, I'm a minimalist. I like the house to feel warm and festive, with my carefully chosen ornaments adding to my existing decor. I'm not someone that removes my everyday furnishings to make room for the holidays.

Some notes on the pictures:

Ornaments: The tree in our living room is covered in all white and silver ornaments. I shot a few of my favorites. We have another tree our family room that is covered in rusty/vintage/toy like/fun ornaments.

Card display: I used the old doors in the Holiday Bazaar to display jewelry pieces and thought it would be a fun way to hang our cards this year. Do you see the card with Dave Ramsey and his wife? That was a joke for Ryan. He loves Dave.

Santas: A few years ago I started collecting unique Santas. I think they look best displayed together in a group.

Paperwhite bulbs: This crazy lady taught me a trick. Place a paperwhite bulb in a glass cylinder with soil and top with fresh cranberries. I love the way they look on my table. This could also be a pretty and inexpensive gift. I found the cylinders at Wal-Mart for $1.97, I had the soil, and the bulbs and cranberries cost next to nothing. The bulbs should be blooming in about 5 more weeks. Just in time for the dreary days of January.


  1. Everything looks perfect. I love simple too.

    Look on the bottom of those Santa's. Does it say Stefan Xaudaro? He was our neighbor and has quite a story. Those red ones reminded me of his style. We have several of them. Just curious. Love the card hanging idea too. And that sweet white bird. Chirp chirp.

  2. Putting the paper whites with the cranberries is so cute. That would make a pretty gift for someone. I really like all of your old Santa's too, it is neat to have a collection to display.

  3. I have the same bird ornaments. Does it clip on like mine? I love love love love love mine. I went to the Orange County Craft Fair with my sisters in law and we bought all the bird clip-on ornaments in the place. I ended up with 8 of them. But sadly, last Christmas, as I was taking my tree down, I couldn't find one of my precious birds among the flocked branches. I am still mourning my loss.

  4. love the paper whites. it is a tradition.

  5. Your home looks beautiful. I'll have to go pick up some paperwhites for myself.

  6. I love the bulb idea! I was just telling Laura Rawlins about it too. How long do the cranberries last? I also love how you displayed your cards. We're still not sure what to do with ours, but I'll figure it out soon!

  7. I love the paperwhite bulbs and cranberries. I love the simplicity of the look.

    I am also a minimalist when it comes to Christmas decorating.

    Your home looks beautiful!

  8. I love that paperwhite idea...I need to give it a try.

    I was this close (picture me with my fingers barely touching) to purchasing that same ornament on the upper right I can't remember where I saw them at...I love it though.

  9. Wow, I love it. I wish I could see it all in person. Simple and pretty.

  10. The paperwhite arrangement idea is simply inspired! Don't you love the vivid graphic appeal of fresh cranberries? So bold yet so humble!

  11. Love the peek into your cozy brick house.

    I also collect Santas & agree...groupings are best.
    I am on the hunt for the vintage "Santa Head" mugs, but haven't found them yet.

    Merry Christmas!

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