Wish List.

My Dear Ryan,

You have been requesting a birthday/Christmas wish list for some time. Even asking that I put it on my blog with links to make it extra easy. You also wanted me to mention to all of my dear friends/family/readers that they were not allowed to steal any of these pretty things out from under you. So here you are my love. Just a few treats I would be excited to see nestled under our cozy tree or wrapped up for my birthday. You can pick the one's that you would like to give me the most...no splurging this year. Our sweet babe will be making his debut soon and we want some extra pennies tucked away for that special day. Good Luck.

Your loving wife always,




  1. I love the art. It looks so peaceful and calm.

    I got this cute new Nano a last month and I love it! It is the most adorable little appliance you've ever seen.

  2. I like those slippers. They look all toasty warm. The necklace is very nice too. And of course, the Nano is great. We are huge Apple fans over in this house.

  3. I really hope you get the iPod, then I can serve you much better as your official music manager.

  4. You could wear your comfy slippers while you cook from that new cookbook and listen to your iPod. :) Great things to put on a wish list.

  5. So, that doesn't help me at all. What can I get you?!

  6. Dear . . .dear dandee, I will make no hint as to what my plans are for my lovely gal. If your good, I'll see what I can do for you this year. On the other hand, if your not, I can make no such promises. But know this . . . I love you! Remember the true meaning of Christmas is being able to keep secrets. Christmas is all about keeping the best secrets. . .

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