On My Mind.

I have a bazillion things swirling around in my brain today. Here's a sampling.

:: I need to buy a maternity coat. I would love something similar to patterns/colors in the above picture from Boden but the only ones I've found are black and gray. Any suggestions?

:: Tonight Abby and I are going to see this movie. I saw an interview with Corbin Bleu the other day and he mentioned that "the seniors" in the movie will be handing the HSM torch over to some [younger] fellow classmates. Disney is never gonna let this money maker die.

:: I have plans on taking some pictures of the projects I've been working on. Look for a shop update next week.

:: November 4th can't get here fast enough.

:: I need a date. Bad.

:: Tuesday is the ultrasound and I am starting to consider finding out what this babe is. I love a surprise, but this time around being prepared sounds equally lovely.

:: Facebook. I did it. I'm on Facebook. I hate to say it, but with a blog and Twitter, I'm feeling like it's pretty useless and might just delete it. Your thoughts?

:: My talented, funny SIL Alicia does a weekly post on her movie blog called "This Week in Hollywood." She is the movie queen and she cracks me up every time. I look forward to this treat every week. Check it out here.

:: Economy, shplonomy. I feel immature saying that, but it's how I feel. We all know it's bad, but do we have to listen to EVERYONE spin it and point fingers?

:: Kath & Kim. Not as funny as I was hoping it would be. Being removed from my DVR schedule today.

:: CHRISTMAS! It's coming.

:: While browsing ETSY yesterday I saw this. Wrong, in so many ways.

What's on your mind?


  1. What's on my mind? Right now I am wondering what I am missing cause I have no idea what is happening on November 4th. Is that when your sister is due? That is the only thing I can think of.

    Find out find out find out!!!! :) Why should Ryan get all the fun!

    Uhhh, yes. So very wrong in so many ways. and I am with you on the economy thing.

  2. I was thinking the same thing, what is Nov 4th?

    Toilet decal?? Very wrong!

    Facebook: I think that they are so many more people on facebook, I have found so many long lost friends.

    With you on Kath and Kim!

  3. I love Boden. Good luck finding what you want!
    And I am totally anxious for Nov 4th also. Seriously.
    And I received my order this week. Thanks! And my friend is going to love love love the Spring in a Can, it will be a good to help during her Chemo. Thanks a million.

  4. I am so glad you said it about Kath and Kim. Bill and I forced ourselves to sit through the first two laughless episodes and it was torture. We kept giving it a chance, so hopeful, but we are so disappointed. I was curious what you thought of it, now I know.

    Find out what the baby is! I am still boycotting Facebook. The toilet decal is absurd. I can't believe they're continuing HSM. What the heck is Nov. 4th? And, oh....the pressure...madly working on it!

  5. I feel the same way about Kath & Kim. Truth be told, I didn't even make it through a whole episode. And yes, Christmas is most definitely coming.

  6. You have a lot of the same thoughts as me today. I too am looking forward to Nov. 4th, the election stuff is getting so annoying. I'm excited to go see HSM3 today with my kids too. I bet you will find a cute maternity coat. Oh and you should totally find out what you are having. Have a great weekend.

  7. November 4th is our election day -can't wait! (and can't wait for all of the advertisements and commercials to be over)

    I kind of have the same opinion about facebook. I have a profile, but I don't really use it that much. I've tried looking for many long lost friends and can't find them.

    I'm doing some Christmas shopping tonight. Doesn't that sound fun the week before Halloween?! :)

  8. i've been thinking about dropping twitter. i only ever want to twitter about food anyways. i loove facebook. mostly because it's a grown-up version of myspace and the perfect place to round up all of my long last heart string connections.
    last year amelia got this fabulous pink maternity coat at target. of course now that my turn rolls around target's got nothin'
    on my mind. baby names and enchiladas. nice, huh.

  9. on my mind? hiring a maid instead of paying for groceries..yes, it's that bad.
    FIND OUT! it is the funnest funnest thing EVER to know WHO is in there not just that it's in there. it is the best feeling to begin to know it as an actual person, with a name and then when they are born you say, 'well, hello there kate, i've known you for six months now, so good to finally meet you' and bawl your eyes out 'cause they are so perfect.
    nov 4th - i'm actually dreading since i have a dark fear the person i don't want will become our next president and drag us down terrible paths that only mitt romney will get us out of in 4 years. can i hear an AMEN!

  10. I saw some swing coats in a one of the catalogs I got this week. Lands End I think? Lovely colors and patterns too and prices were reasonable. Could wear them after pregnancy too.

    I love posts where we get to hear what is on peoples minds. I am up to here with elections, economy, green this & that , global warming, etc. Fluctuations, peaks and valleys, it is all part of this earth, economy and otherwise. What goes up must come down. It is a law. Sorry for ranting in your comments! :)

    And that is SO wrong and I am wondering how you ever found that one.

  11. Facebook is the only way I can get a hold of my sister-in-laws. I have also found long-lost-friends and old roommates, communicated with cousins I haven't seen in years, and more. Way more people are on facebook than twitter. Plus, it's a great way to advertise your blogs.

  12. p.s. my jaw dropped open when I saw people asking about nov. 4th...I totally thought that was a joke. crazy.

  13. I am so anxious for November 4th to come because hopefully then, we won't have to listen to as much finger pointing. I'm so sick of listening to them argue and say things like, "I didn't do it. But HE did!". Please. I can hear that from my children any old time I want. I don't want to turn on the TV and see it there too.

    I gave Kath and Kim a shot, and wasn't too impressed.

    On my mind is the TWO dates that I'm having tomorrow! First, Hannah and I are going on a double date with Cindy and Kesley to see HSM3, then tomorrow night Spencer and I are headed out to the symphony to watch the beautiful and talented Lisa play. I'm still a bit giddy that I won those tickets!! I can't wait!

    I'm going to go against the grain on this one, but I think you should wait. If I ever have the opportunity again, I don't want to know what the baby is. Plus, you and Ryan are so darn good at the he knows, but you don't game. I'm always SO impressed!!!

    What else is on my mind that I can add to this already REALLY long comment?? Okay, nothing.

    Have a great weekend Danyelle!

  14. Please excuse my poor grammer. I meant to say, On my mind ARE the two dates that I'm having tomorrow.

  15. I am on FB and I think it is a great way to connect with old friends...and new ones. ;) Let's be FB friends (Kami Tyler Bigler).

    You can change your sentence often in FB just like Twitter.

    ps. I like posts like this.

    pss. Happy I heart Troy Weekend!

  16. ~You're right about Kath and Kim...I watched it once and forgot it.
    ~Love the patterns in those coats...hope you find one.
    ~I just deleted my MySpace...because like you said, it's seems useless when I primarily use my blog.
    ~I too can't wait for Nov 4th to come....I am TIRED of politics.
    ~I am excited about HSM3...is that totally lame??? (love those movies)
    ~the toilet is hilarious, gave me a smile!

  17. I'm referring a WHOLE bunch of photographers to you...hope you don't mind. They're looking for packaging. Can you handle the quantity? :o) Good Luck!

  18. I'm on Facebook, and it's helped in getting in touch with old co-workers and long lost friends.
    but I agree, too many things to be apart of.

  19. hey, I'm Kristin's cousin and I should admit that I've been checking your blog out for a while now.

    I'm with you on Kath and Kim. I was so hopeful.

    I just signed up for facebook recently and the most fun thing is finding pictures of all the guys I had crushes on in junior high and high school. (There were lots of them.) But it's not something I check every day or really use to communicate. It's just fun.

  20. I'm ready for Nov. 4th too. I'm tired of all the talk.

    I love that quote by Jeanne De Vietinghoff. It's very fitting for you, and I guess for all of us!

  21. I'm so tired of the election too

    I totally agree about Alicia's Week in Hollywood posts, they are hilarious and my guilty pleasure.

    Kath and Kim: very disappointed.

    I'm thinking about pumpkin pie and my christmas cards.

  22. OH MY GOSH! Where have I been? You're pregnant?? Congratulations! That's so exciting, and I hope you find a cute maternity coat. I am making due with my current coat, as I haven't seen anything cuter. In a couple more weeks though, it probably wont even button. Oh well!

  23. Check out Target-they had a really cute maternity coat there last year in red-so I bet they have something cute this year as well.


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